Donuts ☆

Good morning ♪


I’m very much enjoying being over seas,
but I’m also starting to miss Japan (>_<)


But today will be another fun day (≧▼≦)


I fell asleep right away yesterday and got plenty of rest!
And then this morning I had a lot to eat
including a hamburger and 2 kinds of donuts!
My sleep craving and appetite are completely satisfied!!


And now, my blog craving!


I’ll be updating a lot \(^O^)/

0 thoughts on “Donuts ☆

  1. That donut looks delicious ;o;
    I wish she’d say where she is xD

  2. well she’s been gone for like 3-4 days now, right? Doesn’t a PB shooting take like 2 days?

  3. those doughnuts look awfully familiar… does Guam have a donut outlet? hmmm

  4. no.. Bali has a donut outlet haha! she’s in Bali.. but what was a Japanese guy doing working there…hmmmmm Guam or Bali .. hmmmmmm tough tough tough

  5. Those are my favorite types of donuts… But I get’em in the pink color.

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