Aika blog "27days"

Thank you guys \(^^)/☆


Before we had the Izu Fan club tour, I went down to check out Izu myself.

The clips from that time are gonna be put into the DVD for sale!!!!!!!!
Waaaaaai \(*>◇<*)/ Please look forward to it ♪♪

Aika blog Aika blog

These pics are from that time ☆
I was riding the train (^^)
The seats were made differently than the Tokyo and Shiga trains!!!!
They were so comfortable and spacious ♪♪
Also, I was riding up in the first car and
it really made me feel like a train conductor
gazing out at the scenery was so nice (^^)d

AIka blog

Also, I had soba (^▽^)!!!!!
It was delicious ~(*uωu*)
The wasabi came on the side, so I could put however much I wanted
It was very refreshing ★☆
I wish I could have it again some time ~(^^)☆
Also, I got to practice my camera shooting skills
and went to try out a lot of different foods
Please look forward to seeing that (^^)v
Look forward to it ~(^◇’*)/

0 thoughts on “Aika blog "27days"

  1. Thank you for translating Aika’s wonderful blog!

    I want some soba now!! The arrangement of the food looks so lovely! Just like Aika.


  3. Aika’s so cute.
    Thanks for translating.

  4. Aika is such a cutie! <3

    Also, that train station looks awfully familiar…
    Could it be the one they stop at in the Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari PV??

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