Mitsui Aika

Yes, here she is
Mittsi Smile (≧∇≦)


She looks so happy holding my souvenir I got overseas for her (*^o^*)


With this kind of face,
it makes buying something for her so worth it ♪♪
But this is chocolate ☆★


Mittsi doesn’t eat chocolate..


Oh well ♪
In exchange, I’ll eat it for her (lol)
Aika-chan ♪

0 thoughts on “Mitsui Aika

  1. Awww Sayu so evil giving Aika something she doesn’t even eat, then offering to eat it for her. Oh well Mittsi’s smile goes on for miles so I suppose it is worth it.

  2. good for aika, i don’t eat chocolate either.

  3. i’d give Aika chocolate too, I hate her!!

  4. ^ well I hate you

  5. right back at ‘cha pal!

  6. Rly, girls who don’t eat chocolate are no fun. Unless she’s allergic or something, then it can’t be helped I guess. Wonder why she doesn’t eat it…

  7. >Santa Clause confirmed gigantic faggot
    Don’t come back here again.

  8. ^I Confirmed That Your the Gigantic Faggot, Billy Jean. Don’t Expect Any Presents This Year!!

  9. M-ko:
    it just doesn’t taste good to some people (like me). xD there’s nothing wrong with it! JunJun loves bananas, Yuuko hates them.. that’s life bb.

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