Takahashi Ai

Today Ai-chan said
“I read your blog yesterday! You wrote about me ahh how embarrassing”
and she said that in such a shy way too ☆ヽ(▽⌒*)


“Whoaaa shy Ai-chan is soo cute”
is what I thought, but if I said something again
she’d probably become excessively shy so I stopped myself (〇>_<)


Ai-chan is so cute ♪
And with the usa chan peace pose, even cuter ♪
By the way, I didn’t even ask her to
but she did the usa chan peace pose, so cute ♪


I wonder if Ai-chan will see this blog again and get shy again
I wonder if she’ll lose it w(°O°)w


You’re cute
You’re cute
You’re cute
I’m positive Ai-chan is feeling shy right now!


Nya nya (^∀^)ノ

0 thoughts on “Takahashi Ai

  1. evil sayu! making aichan blush on purpose!

  2. hehehe .. i bet we are going to see some positive effects of Sayu’s blog soon enough XD

  3. For momusu fans, sayu blog was soo important. i love this post a lot

  4. Speaking frankly, I can’t stop reading Sayu’s blog. Thanks the translator for your hard working. I really appreciate it!

    Leader, you’re absolutely CUTE!

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