Here is what my outfit looked like for today’s photo shoot~ ♪


Ah, it’s all


stamped (lol)


Since I got those blisters


“We aren’t gonna film your feet, so you don’t have to wear your pumps any more”
they told me


But I put the pumps on for my own pics anyway!


Everyone was like,
“Impressive, as expected of Sayu”
as they praised me ☆


Maybe it was because I was taking pics of myself
or that I was taking so many with my cellphone
But when they told me I didn’t have to wear my shoes
I think I shocked everyone by putting them on (lol)


But that’s because I wanted to show all of you guys


I can endure the pain!


Although… I can’t show you the outfit yet (゜∀゜;ノ)ノ


And even though it hurt to take this pic


I had to stamp all of it anyways so you can’t see (lol)


Well what I’m wearing today


Is sooooooo cute so I hope you’ll all get to see it soon (*^o^*)


Well then


It’s almost time for us to go live
Right now I’m in the dressing room looking at Tomochika-san and Fujii Takashi-san


They are funny ♪


I hope we can get pumped up… I’m a bit worried (>_<)


Well, I’m off ~♪

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