The Fujiwara no arigatai to omoe!! live…


is over!


I was so nervous (∋_∈)


But when I looked out at the seats
and saw the familiar sight of all of you guys (lol)
it relaxed me
and made me so happy ↑




You know, for always helping me out


you fans are my pride and joy!


I’d like to show off you guys as my friends!


Like “This is how amazing my fans are” ♪


Well lately, I haven’t had too many friends to brag about
so it’s been kind of tough (lol)


Last year, my number of real friends decreased!


But in starting the Gree blog, I’ve made so many friends, I’m so happy!!


Although, to be honest
I don’t know the faces, voices or anything about these friends


But I’m still happy!


Cuz I mean,
When you pressed the “Add to friend’s list”, you were thinking about me at least a little right?


That in itself is great!


And friends are people who you can talk about anything with
So don’t worry about leaving a few harsh opinions every now and then (lol)


Because I welcome it, I can handle it!


Go comment! (lol)


If you thought I didn’t read the comments, that’s a big mistake (^_-)


I do look at them (lol)


Because it’s only proper to listen when a friend speaks right?
So of course I will listen to what you guys say


Since you guys all read my blog
I will of course!
read your comments!!!


So feel free to comment without any hesitation ♪

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