First lesson after turning 24

Last Saturday on the 7th was my 24th birthday…


And so today is my first lesson after turning 24!



Today we did stuff beyond “the fundamentals of voice training” as well


In our free talk, we discussed stretching the end of words,
making letters sound longer, and how to convey things like a story


It’s not something that one normally does every day
but as a 24 year old, I’ll try to be aware of it and keep it in mind ^^



Birthdays also are another thing that get me pretty worked up


My friends threw me a birthday party
and there were childhood friends as well as friends
whom I haven’t seen in a while
and I could see how even though they haven’t changed overall,
they changed in subtle ways and it just made me think
“Ahh everyone is working so hard in their own path in life”
I need to work hard too



I had about 3 cakes too!
I am really so happy to have had this party
I’m so thankful to everyone who celebrated with me



Although I couldn’t meet them personally
I also got mails from my parents and sister in Hokkaido


My mom said
“Just take care of your health okay.
That’s all I’m really worried about!” … ^^


No matter how old you get, you’ll always be a kid to your mom huh,
even if I’m really far away, she’ll always worry about me


And so I hope to
keep the thoughts of my family, friends and coworkers
close to my heart as I work through my 24th year


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  1. Wonderful entry, I like her reflection on change in subtle ways. I mean look at this girl, she has changed so much and worked so hard in such a short time too. 24 years wise, konkon

  2. yep at last a good pic from konkona! but damn… no details? who were the friends konkona? any momusus? did they forget about you? did they not?
    damn konkona is 24…what is this world comming to
    happy birthday oja

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