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Sorry for making you guys worry (>_<) I got another leg injury again (;o;)
For those of you who have seen the front page
of the website, I’m sure you know,
I developed a stress fracture in the inner side of my left ankle.
Since it wasn’t something that just like snapped all of the sudden
it was something I didn’t really notice for a long time…
So I’m just gonna rest and hope it gets better as soon as possible (>_<)!

My joints and bones apparently aren’t very strong
so I’m sorry for making all you guys worry…

I’m really fine though, so you guys can relax (´∀`)☆
Hopefully I can show you guys I’m really fine soon ヾ(=^▽^=)ノ

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  2. It’s painful to even contemplate her in pain again but I’m kind of glad that she caught it before it broke
    and that she will be able to still do her events……..maybe it was destined for her to heal an injury she was unaware of and given some time off (>_<)!

  3. aika please stop playing basketball on your off days, i know it looks fun but it can be brutal to your joints
    on the other hand…probably happened during a live
    that girl is working a little too hard

  4. It was after 8 straight shows in less than four days…
    They all are over worked all of the time, especially during Golden Week.

  5. HAHAHA! That’s what you get for being boring as fuck! Aika, you just don’t belong, get over it and leave.

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