Outdoor training 4

Here’s the 2nd half of our race tracks training ^^

I got to check out the broadcasting van.
It’s not something you normally get to see…
so it was a really good opportunity for me.

First off, I was so surprised at it’s size

Inside, I was surprised to see so many gadgets…
I took a picture so you guys could see,
there are a ton of small monitors.
You can keep watch over a ton of different monitors
so at any point you can be like, ok switch to this screen!
It looked like it was something that required a lot of concentration.

Here is us with Kawaue-san from the photography department
We got to see him switching back and forth during a live stream.

It reminded me once again how many people are involved in a broadcast
I mean the cameramen were outside the entire time in the heat filming…

By the way, I read this in a book somewhere
So a person who reads out the news in America is called an “Anchor man”
Would a woman who does that be called an Anchor woman?
There are so many different positions out there, you can’t forget these things when reading a script.

And Shimada-san has said this countless times,
but it’s so important to never take other people for granted.

As a new member I must keep this in mind.
But even after that, that should not change.



After understanding the importance of those fundamentals
I bought my first horse racing tickets ever! ^^

My senpais are used to it and all… but I wonder if I would win?
I didn’t know how to buy the tickets, so I had to look up my notes while asking…

The top ticket is Ueda’s
The bottom 2 are mine

It was our first time, so we bought bets for place
I also got a combination bet, if I won that, the winnings would be so high!
3, 14, 10…
I wonder if I’ll get it, I wonder if I’ll get it



The results were
3, 10, 14

Ahh soo close… >< But I won in my place bet! It was my first time cashing in a prize too. I guess that's beginners luck ^^

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