Training Diary 8

At yesterday’s training,
I got to observe sponsored programming!

I got to watch Announcer Kano’s recording the other day
but I didn’t a chance to take any pics…

So this time I made sure to bring my cellphone
and made sure to ask the announcer in charge, Shiroishi, for 1 picture! ^^

And of course I turned my phone off during the actual recording ^^

In addition to all the learning I get from watching my senpai’s recording
it also gives me a lot of motivation
Because I want get things down as soon as possible!
I really look forward to being able to give a reading

Shiroishi-san also gave us a ton of pointers on top of her recording
so after watching her recording… we gave it a try!



First up was Ueda…
I just happened to take a pic of her straining her back

Just watching her made me nervous too though
Even after telling myself “You won’t be nervous”
but I mean, when it’s your first time, it’s expected you’ll be nervous
so I…

Doing a recording in a studio like this and talking directly into a mic
I could hear all the fine details of my own speaking
I totally understand announcer Kojima now
who has been saying over and over “It’s simple yet hard”

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