Fanclub Tourー☆


The Fanclub tour in Hawaii… just ended without problems~~~ヽ(´▽ヽ(´▽`)/


It was amazingly amazingly fun (*´∀`*)
For two days, doing all kind of stuff with all the fans,
we really got pumped up, played around, laughed, were impressed, it was the best♪♪♪♪♪


Everyone who came!
Thank you (≧∇≦)


Thanks to everyone, this first and last fanclub tour with this 9 person Morning Musume。 was a huge success!!!


I glad we got to come back to hawaii again while Aichan is here…
I was so happy……!


These two days of the fanclub tour, I took lots of pictures of all kind so,
While where in Hawaii and what not, and when I get back to Japan too, gradually I’ll be posting it up kay (^_-)♪


Look forward to it V(^-^)V
These three pictures are, the outfits for the fanclub tour final live and handshake event!(b^ー°)
Sayumi handcrafted her ribbon herself
Doesn’t it look well done


Fanclub tour, Otsukaresama deshita (*^_ ’)
All the fans in Hawaii, please enjoy what you have left of Hawaii too!


We’ll be having fun too~


Is everyone in Japan doing okay too?♪♪
Until Sayumi comes back to Japan take care of Japan kay (lol)
please be waiting kay~


2011/7/24 15:25

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