Being Called Sleeping Beauty

Good Morning!
In Hawaii right now it’s 7:00~\(^ー^)/
Basically the weather is great but with Aichan’s Raingirl powers, it’s raining once a day~(lol)



In Hawaii, Sayumi is…
really sleepy (-.-)zzZ


Well, even in Japan I am though!( ̄∀ ̄)


But in Hawaii I’m sleepier (ρд-)zZZ!!!


It’s baaaad(;_;)
When we’re in transport for a bit or when we’re waiting for a bit, I’m totally sleeping!


“We’ll go in 5 minuーtes”
When the staff tells us that,
“Yay, 5 minutes. Good niーght,”
feeling like that I’m going to sleep (lol)


While I was sleeping, the make up artist fixed my make up but, I didn’t feel it……… When I woke up my make up was all fresh, it was surprising~∵(lol)
The make up artist called me “Sleeping Beauty” (lol)




Seems like I could sleep forever!(b^ー°)☆
But I just had bad dreams (>_<)


That’s no good…
But I’m sleepy so, the risk of bad dreams is a burden I’ll take when going to sleep… (lol)



Well, Hawaii
Today is filming――――.
First off~?
Good Niーght!(lol)



Ah, the picture is from the Fanclub Tour time (^_-)


2011/7/26 02:02

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