Chinese Food in Hawaii

Good Morning


Last night in Hawaii,
I went with everyone to eat Chinese food~~~ヽ(´▽`)/


It was yummy!And、


It was fuuun!!


When you think about Chinese feed, you think circle tabledon’cha
On Sayumi’s right is Eripon o(^-^)o♪
Extremely disliking vegetables Eripon, I fed her vegetables with an A~hn (lol)
But, she just ate one bite…(┳◇┳)
Well I’m glad she ate even one bite for me(*^o^*)


Everyone was noisily eating, we were having such fun, it was so fun☆
Morning Musume。 is wonderful (´∀`)


Self-praise o(^∇^o)(o^∇^)o


The third pic is, a two shot with Aichan. I love Aichan (≧▼≦)



Ah, on Sayumi’s left, Gakisan and next to her was Aichan and,
the leader & subleader are such good friends, the Aigaki combi is just great! I really kept thinking that♪(*^o^*)


While I was persuading Eripon who was going, “I won’t eat vegetables!”… (lol)


2011/7/28 03:39

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