Returning to Our Country


We’ve returned home from Hawaii―――――!
I’m homeeee


Hawaii’s great too but, Sayumi opf coursee loves Japan


On the plane home, basically, I knocked out (lol) but, I saw the movie Tangled♪
The singing was pretty I felt restored(・o・)ノ


Well, I’ll be looking back at pictures and sharing our journey in Hawaii, kay~~~(^_-)


Even though I say that…I got lots of images, from what point should I put them up!?(-.-;)



Of course from the beginning in order, is an efficient way to look back at everything, right!(b^ー°)☆


In Hawaii, we had the Fanclub Tour and, the shooting for the Alo-hello photobook and DVD but…



For the Alo-hello, there’s outfits I can’t show yet so, basically I’ll be mainly looking back at the Fanclub Tour V(^-^)V


The first shot…The First day in Hawaii shooting and comment taking. It’s Gakisan and Sayumi from shoots-☆


The second shot…one who loves Hawaii, Mitsui Aika-chan♪
Aika really loves Hawaii, about the scenery and stuff she says it the loudest, it’s impressive
It’s adorable!


The third shot…The first time in Hawaii for the 9th gen, in Hawaii their excitement really high, between shoots they were really actively playing around (lol) So energetic
And, getting the video of it, Takahashi Aichan is there too.
And, the whole thing is in the third shot.




2011/7/28 18:20

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