Eri from beginning to end


(1st pic)
Yesterday, from beginning to end,
Kamei Eri was having so much fun
and smiling the whole time。


Usually she’s just
playfully smiling but,


yesterday her energy was so high,
she was smiling kinda sexily↑ (lol)


(2nd pic)
Halfway through, Kamei Eri
began sleeping in
Sayumi’s lap。


Yep, Eri always
seems to want
to sleep。






0 thoughts on “Eri from beginning to end

  1. I wonder how many toast they went through? lol.

  2. woot! on sayumi’s lap! lol. thanks for the translations!! :)

  3. i’d like see eri smiling sexily. sayu’s really lucky to have witnessed that. XD

  4. ^ Not to mention having Eri passed out on her lap!

  5. And I wonder what Sayu did to Eri XDDD

    lol just kidding

  6. I think she touched eri’s breast when eri sleep. like in amebo! hehe

  7. ^ rofl lol xDDD

    omg this head-on-lap thing demands a fanfic xDD (?)

  8. ^^lol yeah… the amebo XDDD that was epic XD

    ^Make one Ada =D

  9. I’m convinced that Eri would place in top 5 all time drinking companions of all time.

  10. i think current member who like to drink is Risa, dont know about aichan… risa mentioned that she just ordered 100% orange juice and healthy drink XD
    most of all OG like to drink alc (Yuko, Yasuda, Yagu, Yoshi, Mikitty, Nachi, etc).
    eri just wanna having some fun =D… perhaps

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