Good morning~♪


After the concert yesterday,


in Tokyo, we said
for the three-days-straight shows
then Morning Musume’s
Niigaki Risa-chan,
Kamei Eri-chan,
and myself all went to eat together (≧∇≦)


And since the three of us are all just over 20,
we asked for some drinks for our first toast (^_^)v


Adults V(^-^)V


During the live our energy is at MAX,
and since we’re so hot, we need to unwind o(`▽´)o♪♪


It was fun o(^-^)o


I wanted to blog in real time but at the restaurant
I didn’t have any reception。


Along with GakiKame-san, the three of us try to
go out to eat at least once a month (^_-)♪


“Ah, but we have concert rehearsals
and live concerts this month, and we’re
going to Hawaii at the end so maybe this
month is impossible”
is what we said but,
the three of us fulfilled our plans♪


Even though it was a short time,
our stomachs and our hearts were
satisfied (≧∇≦)


This pic was taken when we were finishing
and when I looked at it
I thought,
『Wow, the three of us look awesome together,
we look like we’re really good friends』


Gaki-san said,
『We sure do~』
Kame-san said,
『Eh, I had my
eyes open~』


Gaki-san and Sayumi had a dare to keep
our eyes shut while it was being taken!
it was like we wanted her to keep her eyes open


Yep, seems like Eri always wants
to sleep! (lol)



0 thoughts on “Good morning~♪

  1. About Eris random answer Ehh I had my eyes open… it actually is not as strange as it sounds to say that.^^

    Although to sum it up Sayumi indeed kind of said wow we look like good friends. She literally said… wow we really fit well together/are the same.. all 3 of us had our eyes closed.

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