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Heya all~ ^3^)/☆
Look!! Look!!

aika blog

This is from when we were filming the PV of Kimagure Princess,
our single that’s coming out on October 28th. (^o^)v☆☆
The weather was so amazing! It was the best ♪♪
Cuz on rainy days, it’s easy to start feeling down about things (~_~;)
Things just feel better on sunny days don’tcha think? \(^^)/☆
I took a ton of pictures during our PV shoot, so I’ll be uploading those next week ☆☆
For the people that came to our Music Japan recording on the 5th,
they got a good look at our Kimagure Princess outfit (^^)v
What did you think???!!! Hehehe ☆
That makes me kinda nervous (^^)
We’ll be wearing those costumes for the single release events too
so please please come check it out (^_^)
Also please also come because your smiles always heal us (*^□^*)!!!!!!

aika blog

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