Risa Deco "Episode 2 Completed"

I’m dooooooone!!!
Here is the 2nd item ♪
Risa☆Deco ♪
I call it…
“Gakisan’s sparkly sweets!”
(o>∀<o)ノ Here is what you’ve been waiting for!!!!

gaki blog

gaki blog gaki blog gaki blog

All of the fans at the handshake sessions and release events kept asking
“Are you going to update Risa☆Deco?!”
Thanks for all that! It was in the works f^_^;

As far as decorating goes… even working quickly, it takes about 7-10 hours (>_<)。。 But it's like.. in the process you start thinking "Ahh but it doesn't have this" or "Ahh it doesn't have that" or "Ahhh I wonder what the fans would like" or "I wonder what color they like" etc... The staff members have been relaying messages to me from all the Risa☆Deco fans I've read them all! There were sooooooo many messages, I was so touched After reading them I was like "I need to hurry up! I need to hurry and present this to the fans!" Risa☆Deco has only just started but I hope to continue to make cute, one of a kind, Gaki-style decorations to present to all of you (ノ>∀<)ノ I'ev been empowered by this... really, thank you all very much Among those fan messages, there have been a lot of requests and stuff like "I'd like a customized bicycle lol" or "A glowstick!!!", it just makes me laugh out loud f^_^; I mean!!! I mean!!! Stuff like glowsticks are fine by me... adding jewels and stuff to a pretty glowstick lol.. But a bike... how many months would that take... lol There even was a "Put Omame-chan(her bean drawing) in it" request! I'd like to respond to everyone's request to the best of my ability so I hope to continue to be active!! I'll be waiting for your messages <(__)>

Also one message that got me all teary had this line in it
“You absolutely give it your all in everything you do, but please don’t work
yourself too hard. I am looking forward to all your future works”
I was so happy I cried (●>ロ<●)
You guys are always thinking about my well-being..
I will really try my best at everything!
Really!!! Thank you so much!!!!!
Also, this happens to be the 5th update p(^^)q and this last one
happened to take a really long time…
I’m so sorry about that

But yeah.. I wonder who’s gonna win this (●>∀<●) I’m so excited! Til we meet again!!

P.S. this last shot is my “sense of accomplishment” face lol

gaki blog

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