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Wow it’s already October, and only 3 weeks left of it too ☆☆
By the way… hasn’t it gotten really cold all of the sudden!???
Please try not to hurt your bodies (>_<)!!!

Right now, I’m in the middle of doing some stretches ♪
Tryin to get my body flexible and limber (^-^)
But.. I’m pretty much only flexible in stretching my legs apart (^▽^)v
Right now, I am stretching my legs apart (^^)

aika blog

Just the other day, I went on a date with my beloved beloved older sister (*>◇<*)☆★
We went to a buffet for lunch
and then we went to an indoor theme park \(^-^)/♪♪
Originally, we had plans to go to a place I’ve always wanted to go to…
But with the weather and all, we had to give up that idea (;_;)
But I wanted to go to the theme park also, so it was still fun~ (^^*)!!!!
I’ll be back to giving it my all starting tomorrow (^□^)v

aika blog aika blog

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  1. ^ I know right? Her hairstyle here is waayy too cuuuute!!! Her forehead may be her charm point, but those bangs looks amazingly cute on her! I’d take her to the theme park! ;D haha, Aika FTW!

    Thanks for translating!

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