It’s Morning in Hawaii!!!

2012-08-28 03:39:36





Morn’ blackspark




From now you know, we’re off to filmingー



I want to put up pictures but the outfits NG right now, so it’d be kinda hard to




And so, right now you get this・・・ blackspark








The restaurant we went to last night dokidoki



We ate THE★Hawaii!! foodーdokidokidokidokidokidoki




That stuff on the left is potato chips (´ψψ`)




So hugeー(lol)



In the back is steak adn in the front is mash potatoes dokidoki dokidoki





Yesterday in the afternoon for Hawaii, we had, 1 day OFF but



I was so sleepy, I couldn’t get the energy up to do anything so I took a nap by myself, in the hotel




I did things in the evening. lol




Even with the afternoon nap, I got so sleepy again at night, I instantly went to sleep you know lol




This year it’s totally sleeping Hawaii




Well from here I’m going to do yoga dokidoki blackspark



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