Sayu. From That, Meetings. From That, Okayu.

2015-07-13 17:25:42




There’s a lots of comments written so I’ll answer ya, I told Sayu Happy Birthday on LINEーEmojiEmoji






Everyone have things they wanna say directlyー?





Give me what you’re saying from your heart kay ( ̄▽ ̄)







Sayu you know


Seems she saw the Lovendor PVー(^^)






Already 26, oh my huhー starting with that talk





we got to things like marriage talk




“I want to try seeing Reーna’s wedding dressー,” That’s Sayu hehe






Unfortunately Reーna is still fine being singleー. lol






But for each of us I wonder when that kind of time will comeー?






Even though we met when she was 13 butー.





Time passes fast huhー.




Even in that, there’s people I haven’t met




Well in this world there’s lots of people ya, among them all, there are people you meet you become good friends you have fun with you work with isn’t that amaziーng?





But with that too ya after how many months you might already be not connected




you might suddenly be disconnected you won’t know if there’s anything there you know?





And so with people you’re affected by often right now everyone treasure themー




Now is only now





But I really look forward to what’s after this too





What kind of people could we run into?






Thaーt’s what I thought













To replace a picture with Sayu




A picture with Okayu.←I forced the name. You know it’s taken from Sayu right? lol














This is another one of those can’t we take something with a funny form? It’s the results of trial and error





The picture of me trying sitting on top of Okayu.











From here just a bit should we try to face each other? And form that









a little







just a little









just a little you know?










It turned into this dangerous eseeming direction oーーne. lol













This one, you want to see another girl version right?














Yup yup that’sー it huhー









Well thenー here







high spirited Okayu and unhappy Neesan.







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Bursting Out LaughingーーーJoy

2015-02-06 17:06:40




Good EveningーEmojiEmojiEmoji








It’s been awhile since I’ve done this pose huh




Ookii Hitomi♪




Today you knowー




Well you knowー




I hung out with Sayu and EriーーーEmojiEmojiEmoji



We weren’t singing Ookii HitomiEmoji




It’s been awhile


Or rather it’s the first isn’t it?


The 3 6th gen wenta hang outーーーEmojiEmoji



At first ya know


Well Reーna was nervous ya know hehe


Like before we met if we’d get into talking…what we’d talk about… I was just thinkin’ about it but



I toーーーtally didn’t have ta worry about anything like that! Naturally right? lol



Eri, she was just PonPon popping with talk(*´艸`)





I was so super bursting out laughing it made me cryEmojiEmojiEmojiEmoji hehe



We were talking about long time ago too ya knowー



Talking about the play Ojigi while we were watching clips an’ stuffー



Ojigi 30doーーー♪ that thing!


You remember rightー? Everybody





Watching it now ya know



Well why is it only Reーna is in work clothes? stuff like that had me laughing a lot (lol´・艸・)



Couldn’t be helped huh It was a role that had me in the kitchen so for some reason it was just me hehe




We talked about other stuff too, like what the 2 of them are doin’ nowー!!



Saying stuff like how I’m already 25 and stuff you knowー.



Already around 30 hehe



Well my heart got all warm and fluffy ya knowー



6th gen is great huh, of courseEmoji




It was so fun but, Reーna had work after


I went byebye thoughー



I wanna meet again soon yahードキドキドキドキドキドキドキドキ



I took pictures too but ya know



The 2 of them both were kinda embarrassed, we had to get a proper one hehe


I can’t put that up either thoughーーーEmoji




Ahーー It was funラブラブラブラブラブラブラブラブラブラブラブラブ


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Lullaby Game

2014-01-01 09:34:10


We’ve changed over, Happy New Yearドキドキドキドキimage02.gifドキドキドキドキ




Yesterday’s Countdown Live
concluded without a problemo0020002012463947730.gifキラキラ





Everyone who came, and everyone who saw the live viewings too, long distance Otsukareーna, job well doneo0020002011421937764.gifキラキラ





In the 1 show, with these members!!











We sang Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game and Mikanアップアップアップ





These outfits too are the ones from pretty far backーo0020002012575265916.gif04C0461.gif




How nostaーlgic

















It’s been awhile since I dancedー04C0211.gif






It was funnドキドキドキドキドキドキ









I still have a bunch of pictures from yesterday so, I’ll be splitting them up and putting them up kayニコニコo0020002012379133589.gif





Look forward to ito0020002011789283385.gifドキドキ







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Message To That Girl

2013-06-16 19:36:55




Haーi田中れいなオフィシャルブログ「田中れいなのおつかれいなー」Powered by Ameba-04C1868.gif田中れいなオフィシャルブログ「田中れいなのおつかれいなー」Powered by Ameba-DIMG0045.gif




Yesterday I went to Karaoke for the first time in awhileドキドキ




・・・but, I didn’t sing even one songー.田中れいなオフィシャルブログ「田中れいなのおつかれいなー」Powered by Ameba-o0020002012575265916.giflol





Talking had beaten itー.



(´ψψ`) Mufu





田中れいなオフィシャルブログ「田中れいなのおつかれいなー」Powered by Ameba-20130616.jpg




But now I reaaaally feel like singing…田中れいなオフィシャルブログ「田中れいなのおつかれいなー」Powered by Ameba-o0020002012575265913.gif音符




I wonder if I can go Karaoke later.田中れいなオフィシャルブログ「田中れいなのおつかれいなー」Powered by Ameba-DIMG0152.gif





Well that saidー




Have you noticed the Pajamas (Tshirt) Reina wearsー?(* ̄∇ ̄*)









田中れいなオフィシャルブログ「田中れいなのおつかれいなー」Powered by Ameba-20130616.jpg




It’s Sayu-made田中れいなオフィシャルブログ「田中れいなのおつかれいなー」Powered by Ameba-image01.gif



To commemorate Morning Musume。 CDsCD earning 2 consecutive 1st places (´ψψ`)ラブラブ




Greaーt stuffべーっだ!田中れいなオフィシャルブログ「田中れいなのおつかれいなー」Powered by Ameba-04C0549.gif




I got it on Budokan day!!






you goodー???



I’m wearin’ the Tshirt huhーラブラブ!チョキドキドキドキドキ





田中れいなオフィシャルブログ「田中れいなのおつかれいなー」Powered by Ameba-20130616.jpg







Did you notice Reina’s hair got darker?田中れいなオフィシャルブログ「田中れいなのおつかれいなー」Powered by Ameba-o0020002011419402326.gif田中れいなオフィシャルブログ「田中れいなのおつかれいなー」Powered by Ameba-image05.gif




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4 Burst Shot ~ Stuffing Cheeks Edition ~

2012-12-25 00:42:25








Today, I had fun taking a bunch of pictures dmheart




It’s Christmas Eve, that said, the staff bought us some chicken though huh




It looks yummyー eating it…









I took a burst shot of Michishige-san, lol













Oi, Michishige Sayumi…



Well the way you eat is kinda gross.
(°Д°) lol



AahーFun, lol











2012-09-05 14:29:21




Today in the end I woke up at 5:00 and UdaUda lazed about and dazed about DaraDara



It took some time but my desire to go back to sleep went away though



Today’s a long one so I’m giving it double of course lols









Ah, I changed my nailsー








Manicure stuff I bought in Hawaii!!




But you knowー



Well you knowー





The faces are kinda like a beetle huh?










It’s just my first time doing a manicure but




No matter how i look at it it just looks like beetles




I put rhinestones and ribbons on it






Looking at hte comments, it seems they released a corn potage flavored GariGari-kunーnote



It seems some you tried it too!!




It sounds yummy huh (・o・)



Really you know・・・・




SHe doesn’t really have the courage・・・・.




Well corn potage, that’s a mealー!!(゜ロ゜ノ)ノ




But but but・・・ I’m interested・・?



Is It Okay if I Take You Home~? lol

2012-09-05 06:43:47









I woke up so early




I wonder if it’s jetlag!?!?!?



Yesterday I went to see at 22:00







Well well, lookie









This kid was at the part where we had our Hawaii optiona tour, by chance he was playing catch with his parent




It was so adorable 【Hereーdokidoki】 I called out



Paー he ran over next to Reina and sat down




It was so adorable it struck me right in the heart!dokidoki



I thought I’d want to take him home!!lol



Reina her heart went Kyundokidoki but he ran away



He was thin and so small



Seriously seriously adorable!!!!!!




What’s up with the smile in this pictureー!?dokidokilol



Ah~I can’t forget itー(´ψψ`)




Well, I gotta wake up earlyー・・・


I’ll do my best to get some sleep again






Easily Influenced Girl

2012-09-04 14:34:45





Good Afternoon



When I was in Hawaii there was a time difference



When I updated it’d be the middle of the night in Japan but



Now I can properly say 【Good Afternoonー】 I really feel it (;_;) uruuru sobdmheart



↑Do you get what I mean by that explanation? lol




Well Well Wellー




I’ll put up some pictures from Hawaiiー















Hawaii’s Do━━━━nki!!






I went there on the last nightdmheart



Even in Japan I haven’t gone recently so I was happy to go





But there’s so much stuff I didn’t know what I should buy



I hit the time limit (9、10th gen were there so we decided on it)



In the end we just bought juice━━━━━━━。・゜゜(ノД`)









Did those of you who came to Hawaii drink this?




Reina has come to Hawaii countless times, WhatI wanted to give the MVP, was this juice!!




I’ts got fresh fruit Aloe in it note



They have this in Japan rightー!?!?!?




Reina hasn’t seen it before though~.




Seriously I like note



I bought it and brought it back to Japan upupup








And this shocked me.











That’s right!!



Bathroom decoration stuff!!








( ̄¬ ̄)









・・・They aren’t jellies!!!!!!!!lol




To compare bathroom stones with food, sorry




WellーI haven’t eaten them so I don’t know what they taste like though・・・




It’s got shock to itup








And, this.










On my blog yahー you remeber I talked about yummy muffins I ate?




Reina, said they’re yummyーyummyー so the coodinator


went and bought more for me



The top is blueberry flavor, the bottom is banana flavored.




By the way, Reina is part of the blueberry group dmheart





Coming back to japan I got stuff to look forward to, things I recorded, just so much programs piled up




The HDD is full, there’s things I couldn’t record though




For now, I’ve seen the EXILE Tamashii and the J-MELO I appeared in






EXILE Tamashii Reina looked like she was having fun huh!?





Well it was fun that’s whyーdokidokidokidokidokidoki




Seeing Gishidan-san and Golden Bomber, Reina was smiling the whole time.




Well Well, this is what got me into Golden Bombers ya know up





The J-MELO on location, for that we had to keep dancing like that for like 2 hours




And you know, I watched lots of dramas!!



I was impressed with the last episode of Richman・Poorwoman!!!!!!




Well it’s the first hard storyー. Well that’s what I thought anyway




They’re slowly piling up, it’s getting interesting


As the dramas flow so do my tears, lool, and when it gets pleasant, I smile.



I really am an easily influenced girl lol





Well now, I feel like I want to perform.
(´ψψ`) dmheart




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2012-09-03 23:11:29




I’ve returned to Japan







On the plane I ended up watching 3 movies (´ψψ`)



Ai to Makoto (tl: Love and Sincerety)
Hotaru no Hikaru (tl: Glow of Fireflies)
Dark Shadow




Ai to Makoto felt like a Musical, singing songs,
Well the variety was interesting dmheart




Hotaru no Hikaru made me want to go to Rome!



Dark・Shadow, Reina likes vampire stories, and the topic was funny tooーnote



This evening, we had our flight but we got a day OFF so I stayed in the hotel, hold-in the whoーーle time



And so, I went through the afternoon like this. lol










My hair all ruffledーlol




What was I doing to pass the timeー




Watching DVD…sleeping…hulahooping…sleeping…lol




For the time being DaraDara sluggish ( ̄¬ ̄)











But my loungewear is cute huh?





Well at the place where you show your passport, there were lots and lots of people



Everyone’s traveling huh.






I want to go on a family tripーupupup




Alーrighty it’s a bit irritating but I’ll do my best to clean out my trunkー!!lol




Contiuing from Yesterday~

2012-09-03 08:59:43





Good Afternoon



It’s afternoon in Hawaii”




I haven’t talked about the event before yesterday’s live








My outfit was like this




All the fans asked, “Is this your own clothes?”・・・




The event I did in this outfit was a stamp rally dmheart V









Reina’s team was Suzuki and Kudouup



Kudou has said she likes Reina



she talked about it at the event MC the day before



And then came a stream of Reina and Kudou hugs



Well it was funny, in hawaii when we split into teams I was with Kudou most of the time, and with the hug mentioned before




People during the stamp rally, the Reina fans said to Kudou,


“Again you’re with Reina!? I’m seriously jealousー. lol”



Seeing Kudou being told that was funny, makes me happy lol










The stamp rally had all the fans getting stamps for the paper they were carrying with stamps the members each made, and signing them too but




Reina’s signature is complicated, it takes some time





It’s always here Reina’s area will be blocked up




It’s bad but we get to talk while doing it, it was fun











Well you know? Each of the members give questions for all the fans,




you know what the subject for Reina was?





When Reina’s band gets started whats the first thing you want to doー?



①Song Lyrics
②Golden Bomber Covers
③Producing a lab collaboration


Which do you think is the correct answer?????









The answer is~( ̄¬ ̄)





② Covers for Golden Bomber ー!!





Of course, lately even on my blog I’ve said Golden Bomber Golden Bombere ya knowー





The ratio of correct answers was high but amonst it,
there were still people who reading too much into it saying things like, “nah it’s not ②.”






The ratio was really high, here’s another question to think about



Which was Reina’s breakfast?


① Potato Chips
② Chocolate
③ Tarts



Everyone said, “those aren’t meals!” but



Everyone knew about Reina’s unbalanced diet right? lol




It’s hard so I’ll give a hint kay!!


It might be no good thinking about it simply!!




You get what I mean?



Wonder if everyone got the correct answer?



The answer is ( ̄▽ ̄)













It was ③ Tartsー!!



If you think about it simply, it seems like everyone would say chocolate right?ー




At a nearby super market when I picked breakfast, I found these tarts like the kind you find at a Japanese super market so I bought itーdmhearts





That said his blog is longggg. lol



This took like 20 minutes to come out


More so, I was doing hulahoop during it!! lol




Amazing huhー





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