2012-09-05 14:29:21




Today in the end I woke up at 5:00 and UdaUda lazed about and dazed about DaraDara



It took some time but my desire to go back to sleep went away though



Today’s a long one so I’m giving it double of course lols









Ah, I changed my nailsー








Manicure stuff I bought in Hawaii!!




But you knowー



Well you knowー





The faces are kinda like a beetle huh?










It’s just my first time doing a manicure but




No matter how i look at it it just looks like beetles




I put rhinestones and ribbons on it






Looking at hte comments, it seems they released a corn potage flavored GariGari-kunーnote



It seems some you tried it too!!




It sounds yummy huh (・o・)



Really you know・・・・




SHe doesn’t really have the courage・・・・.




Well corn potage, that’s a mealー!!(゜ロ゜ノ)ノ




But but but・・・ I’m interested・・?



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