Is It Okay if I Take You Home~? lol

2012-09-05 06:43:47









I woke up so early




I wonder if it’s jetlag!?!?!?



Yesterday I went to see at 22:00







Well well, lookie









This kid was at the part where we had our Hawaii optiona tour, by chance he was playing catch with his parent




It was so adorable 【Hereーdokidoki】 I called out



Paー he ran over next to Reina and sat down




It was so adorable it struck me right in the heart!dokidoki



I thought I’d want to take him home!!lol



Reina her heart went Kyundokidoki but he ran away



He was thin and so small



Seriously seriously adorable!!!!!!




What’s up with the smile in this pictureー!?dokidokilol



Ah~I can’t forget itー(´ψψ`)




Well, I gotta wake up earlyー・・・


I’ll do my best to get some sleep again






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