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2012-09-04 14:34:45





Good Afternoon



When I was in Hawaii there was a time difference



When I updated it’d be the middle of the night in Japan but



Now I can properly say 【Good Afternoonー】 I really feel it (;_;) uruuru sobdmheart



↑Do you get what I mean by that explanation? lol




Well Well Wellー




I’ll put up some pictures from Hawaiiー















Hawaii’s Do━━━━nki!!






I went there on the last nightdmheart



Even in Japan I haven’t gone recently so I was happy to go





But there’s so much stuff I didn’t know what I should buy



I hit the time limit (9、10th gen were there so we decided on it)



In the end we just bought juice━━━━━━━。・゜゜(ノД`)









Did those of you who came to Hawaii drink this?




Reina has come to Hawaii countless times, WhatI wanted to give the MVP, was this juice!!




I’ts got fresh fruit Aloe in it note



They have this in Japan rightー!?!?!?




Reina hasn’t seen it before though~.




Seriously I like note



I bought it and brought it back to Japan upupup








And this shocked me.











That’s right!!



Bathroom decoration stuff!!








( ̄¬ ̄)









・・・They aren’t jellies!!!!!!!!lol




To compare bathroom stones with food, sorry




WellーI haven’t eaten them so I don’t know what they taste like though・・・




It’s got shock to itup








And, this.










On my blog yahー you remeber I talked about yummy muffins I ate?




Reina, said they’re yummyーyummyー so the coodinator


went and bought more for me



The top is blueberry flavor, the bottom is banana flavored.




By the way, Reina is part of the blueberry group dmheart





Coming back to japan I got stuff to look forward to, things I recorded, just so much programs piled up




The HDD is full, there’s things I couldn’t record though




For now, I’ve seen the EXILE Tamashii and the J-MELO I appeared in






EXILE Tamashii Reina looked like she was having fun huh!?





Well it was fun that’s whyーdokidokidokidokidokidoki




Seeing Gishidan-san and Golden Bomber, Reina was smiling the whole time.




Well Well, this is what got me into Golden Bombers ya know up





The J-MELO on location, for that we had to keep dancing like that for like 2 hours




And you know, I watched lots of dramas!!



I was impressed with the last episode of Richman・Poorwoman!!!!!!




Well it’s the first hard storyー. Well that’s what I thought anyway




They’re slowly piling up, it’s getting interesting


As the dramas flow so do my tears, lool, and when it gets pleasant, I smile.



I really am an easily influenced girl lol





Well now, I feel like I want to perform.
(´ψψ`) dmheart




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