2012-09-03 23:11:29




I’ve returned to Japan







On the plane I ended up watching 3 movies (´ψψ`)



Ai to Makoto (tl: Love and Sincerety)
Hotaru no Hikaru (tl: Glow of Fireflies)
Dark Shadow




Ai to Makoto felt like a Musical, singing songs,
Well the variety was interesting dmheart




Hotaru no Hikaru made me want to go to Rome!



Dark・Shadow, Reina likes vampire stories, and the topic was funny tooーnote



This evening, we had our flight but we got a day OFF so I stayed in the hotel, hold-in the whoーーle time



And so, I went through the afternoon like this. lol










My hair all ruffledーlol




What was I doing to pass the timeー




Watching DVD…sleeping…hulahooping…sleeping…lol




For the time being DaraDara sluggish ( ̄¬ ̄)











But my loungewear is cute huh?





Well at the place where you show your passport, there were lots and lots of people



Everyone’s traveling huh.






I want to go on a family tripーupupup




Alーrighty it’s a bit irritating but I’ll do my best to clean out my trunkー!!lol




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