Contiuing from Yesterday~

2012-09-03 08:59:43





Good Afternoon



It’s afternoon in Hawaii”




I haven’t talked about the event before yesterday’s live








My outfit was like this




All the fans asked, “Is this your own clothes?”・・・




The event I did in this outfit was a stamp rally dmheart V









Reina’s team was Suzuki and Kudouup



Kudou has said she likes Reina



she talked about it at the event MC the day before



And then came a stream of Reina and Kudou hugs



Well it was funny, in hawaii when we split into teams I was with Kudou most of the time, and with the hug mentioned before




People during the stamp rally, the Reina fans said to Kudou,


“Again you’re with Reina!? I’m seriously jealousー. lol”



Seeing Kudou being told that was funny, makes me happy lol










The stamp rally had all the fans getting stamps for the paper they were carrying with stamps the members each made, and signing them too but




Reina’s signature is complicated, it takes some time





It’s always here Reina’s area will be blocked up




It’s bad but we get to talk while doing it, it was fun











Well you know? Each of the members give questions for all the fans,




you know what the subject for Reina was?





When Reina’s band gets started whats the first thing you want to doー?



①Song Lyrics
②Golden Bomber Covers
③Producing a lab collaboration


Which do you think is the correct answer?????









The answer is~( ̄¬ ̄)





② Covers for Golden Bomber ー!!





Of course, lately even on my blog I’ve said Golden Bomber Golden Bombere ya knowー





The ratio of correct answers was high but amonst it,
there were still people who reading too much into it saying things like, “nah it’s not ②.”






The ratio was really high, here’s another question to think about



Which was Reina’s breakfast?


① Potato Chips
② Chocolate
③ Tarts



Everyone said, “those aren’t meals!” but



Everyone knew about Reina’s unbalanced diet right? lol




It’s hard so I’ll give a hint kay!!


It might be no good thinking about it simply!!




You get what I mean?



Wonder if everyone got the correct answer?



The answer is ( ̄▽ ̄)













It was ③ Tartsー!!



If you think about it simply, it seems like everyone would say chocolate right?ー




At a nearby super market when I picked breakfast, I found these tarts like the kind you find at a Japanese super market so I bought itーdmhearts





That said his blog is longggg. lol



This took like 20 minutes to come out


More so, I was doing hulahoop during it!! lol




Amazing huhー





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