Sayu. From That, Meetings. From That, Okayu.

2015-07-13 17:25:42




There’s a lots of comments written so I’ll answer ya, I told Sayu Happy Birthday on LINEーEmojiEmoji






Everyone have things they wanna say directlyー?





Give me what you’re saying from your heart kay ( ̄▽ ̄)







Sayu you know


Seems she saw the Lovendor PVー(^^)






Already 26, oh my huhー starting with that talk





we got to things like marriage talk




“I want to try seeing Reーna’s wedding dressー,” That’s Sayu hehe






Unfortunately Reーna is still fine being singleー. lol






But for each of us I wonder when that kind of time will comeー?






Even though we met when she was 13 butー.





Time passes fast huhー.




Even in that, there’s people I haven’t met




Well in this world there’s lots of people ya, among them all, there are people you meet you become good friends you have fun with you work with isn’t that amaziーng?





But with that too ya after how many months you might already be not connected




you might suddenly be disconnected you won’t know if there’s anything there you know?





And so with people you’re affected by often right now everyone treasure themー




Now is only now





But I really look forward to what’s after this too





What kind of people could we run into?






Thaーt’s what I thought













To replace a picture with Sayu




A picture with Okayu.←I forced the name. You know it’s taken from Sayu right? lol














This is another one of those can’t we take something with a funny form? It’s the results of trial and error





The picture of me trying sitting on top of Okayu.











From here just a bit should we try to face each other? And form that









a little







just a little









just a little you know?










It turned into this dangerous eseeming direction oーーne. lol













This one, you want to see another girl version right?














Yup yup that’sー it huhー









Well thenー here







high spirited Okayu and unhappy Neesan.







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