Lullaby Game

2014-01-01 09:34:10


We’ve changed over, Happy New Yearドキドキドキドキimage02.gifドキドキドキドキ




Yesterday’s Countdown Live
concluded without a problemo0020002012463947730.gifキラキラ





Everyone who came, and everyone who saw the live viewings too, long distance Otsukareーna, job well doneo0020002011421937764.gifキラキラ





In the 1 show, with these members!!











We sang Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game and Mikanアップアップアップ





These outfits too are the ones from pretty far backーo0020002012575265916.gif04C0461.gif




How nostaーlgic

















It’s been awhile since I dancedー04C0211.gif






It was funnドキドキドキドキドキドキ









I still have a bunch of pictures from yesterday so, I’ll be splitting them up and putting them up kayニコニコo0020002012379133589.gif





Look forward to ito0020002011789283385.gifドキドキ







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