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Helloooo (*^^*)♪

So just the other day ya know… I ate some giant shellfish ☆
It was lunch time so I was checking out a grocery store
to see what would be good to eat
I was craving some seafood so I bought some shellfish and a seafood rice bowl (^-^)v
The shellfish were cooked in butter and soy sauce (*^◇^*)/
They were soooo good ☆★
Eating good food makes you wanna work harder doesn’t it (^∇’)/☆

aika blog

Also, there was another healing event!!!!!!!
A little while ago, my faaaavorite favorite type of dog,
a siberian husky, had puppies (*☆∨☆*)
I was super excited~!!!!!!! ☆☆
And so, I uploaded this ♪
Her sleeping face is sooo cute isn’t it (>_<*)(*>_<) Her paws are still pink too!! Sooooooo cuuuute (*∨▽∨*)☆ I was really thinking hard about whether or not I should take this puppy home (..) Well cuz.. the mom abandoned her (T_T)*tear* So sad (;o;) But... the puppy is at our house now ♪♪ I'll be sure to raise her up properly (^^)d☆

aika blog

Also, this picture was taken quite a while ago,
and since I’ve posted nothing but Izu pics lately
I was thinking I’d post it now (^^)☆
This is a pic from an event we had at the Budokan a little while back!!!!!
It was so nice to talk to everyone so I thought I’d show you this too ♪

aika blog

2 thoughts on “Aika blog "23days"

  1. I’m Aika’s puppy (*∨▽∨*)☆
    Take care of me!!!

  2. ^lol I wish Aika would take care of me too XD

    and yay! Aika finally got to take care of her favourite dog! I’m happy for her! :D She sounds so cute in the entry :3

    and omgf, more ChiPan XD

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