SayuMizuki Two Shot



Good Eveningーーー!



Today’s event was hot fun too!


Thank you so much♪



The pics areーー!


with Hello!Pro lover Fukuchan



The first shot is


I said to Manager-san,
“I’m taking pics with Fukuchan so, please take it for meー!”


it’s a shot taken before Fukuchan had come next to Sayumi (lol)



The second, third shots are, pictures after Fukuchan came next to Sayumi without any problemsーーーー\(^o^)/



Well well, tomorrow, unexpectedly!? It’s an early morning



No wait, that might not be it I think?



I don’t know but, I’ll do my best tomorrow too!
From now, I gotta prepare for tomorrowー( *´艸`)





2014/4/17 22:36 (GREE)

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