Today was concerts in Kagoshimaーー!


It was hot hoーーt!!!


Thank you so much for the fantastic time!


The Kagoshima concerts were fired up,
and we came across lots of yummy Kagoshima things too,
it was a delightful day ヾ(o´▽`)ノ



And, after that, we moved to Fukuoka….





we ate some


it was superーーー yummy!


Sayumi, this winter,
hadn’t gotten to eat motsunabe even once,
just when I had thought “I want to eat motsunabeー”
it made me extra happy♪( *´艸`)


I ate lotsー(≧∇≦)



Fun, and yummy, that’s how I spent the day,
I feel like I’m gonna sleep soundly〜(^^)



I’ll do my best with tomorrow’s Fukuoka concert too♪


2014/4/19 23:51 (GREE)

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