Yesterday’s Concert♪



Good Morning!


Yesterday was concerts in Fukuoka prefecture♪♪


I did my best with the motsunabe power!(lol)



It was hot huh〜


It was a really fun time!


This time, Sayumi once again felt how essential time is


With the power, warmth, and everything we get from everyone at concerts,
we can keep doing our best p(^_^)q



Truly, I thank you so much, always(^^)



Fukuoka prefecture is, Ikuta Erina-chan’s hometown★


Ikuta really looked like she was having fun too,


Of course triumphant return LIVEs are delightful huh!


The next one is our concerts in Nagoya I think〜(*´∀`)♪


Looking forward to it, Looking forward to it



Today, Tokyo is cold but… I’ll do my best all day〜



Everyone, I hope you don’t catch a cold either huh!?



I’m off, have a good day


2014/4/21 10:32 (GREE)

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