First Place!



Morning Musume。’14’s 56th double A-side single 『Toki wo Koe Sora wo Koe/Password is 0』 has earned the Oricon Weekly 1st place!!!


With the past singles, we’ve gotten 4 consecutive 1st places so,
with this one, we’ve now gotten 5 consecutive 1st places★★★★★


happy, happy, happーyい! Happーy!!!!!


I feel like I want to walk around the world boasting♪






It’s thanks to all the fans for always giving your support!!!



For everyone, I’m filled with feeling of gratitude


Really, thank you.


Really, thank you.


Morning Musume。’14,
I’m feeling like more and mor I want to advance forward!


Sayumi, do your best!! Watch us kay



From here one as well, with Morning Musume。’14,
please support us ( *´艸`)



Morning Musume。’14 Leader Michishige Sayumi


2014/4/22 17:00 (GREE)

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