Tomorrow, It’s a Handshake Event〜♪



Good Eveningーー!


Tomorrow is an early morninggg(^^)


I gotta do my best♪


Tomorrow you knowー.


I’m going to Sendaiー!


with Ishida Ayuminー(^^)(^^)


I’m looking forward to it〜


We get to appear on TV live,
and there are recordings and on-locations too〜(≧∇≦)



Maybe we’ll get to eat yummy things from Sendaiー?



At 18:30〜,
At Tower Rec. Sendai Parco★
With Ishida, the two of us are doing a release commemoration event & handshake eventー(●´ー`●)


Really by all means please come!
We’ll be waiting for you


The picture is, with Sendai native, Ishidaー♪



2014/4/24 01:49 (GREE)

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