All Day



Good Eveningーーー!



all day in Sendai was TV live braodcast, recordings, and on-locations, interviews, and the handshake event〜(≧∇≦)



It was fun(*´∀`)♪



It was Ishida Ayumi-chan and I, the 2 of usー!
Ishida is a Sendai native!


Having work in your own hometown is makes you really happy!!


So today’s Ishida looked really happy tooー( *´艸`)


Sayumi had fun too〜


I got to learn
more! about the good points of Sendai,


lots of you came to the handshake event too!


Everybody, truly thank you so much!!!★



The first picture♪ when we got to be NamaIki TV’s live broadcast,
they prepared a cake for us in the dressing room!!!!


It was really very yummy〜!


Thank you so much (≧∇≦)


NamaIki TV, thank you so much!


Yummy cake! I love itーーー!!



The second and third shot is…


An assortment of lots of pictures with Ishida (●’w’●)♪♪


2014/4/24 22:02 (GREE)

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