Good Eveningggg!
Today was, Suzuki’s hometown, the Aichi prefecture concertsss!!!!


In the middle some of us members weren’t feeling well and couldn’t come out… all kinds of things happened,


I’m sorry for worrying you.


But, for the encore open, I’m glade we all got to stand on stage♪



All kinds of things happened but….


Today’s concerts were realーlly fun!


The first and second shows,


up to the fourth floor, it was a full house (≧∇≦)




Thank you so much



I’m happy♪♪♪



Concerts are fun!


Well you know, doing today’s concerts, it reallーy felt like it’s been awhile〜.
Even though it’s only been one week since our last concerts.
It felt like we haven’t done it in like two weeks…


That’s hoーw much I was looking forward to doing concerts and everyoneーーーー(≧∇≦)



Thank you so very much for the fun time!!!!



The pictures, the first shot★ The purin refreshment snacks we got from the Suzuki familyー♪♪


Thank you so much!


The second and third shot is, two shots with Suzuki♪♪♪


2014/4/27 23:16 (GREE)

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