Today was concerts in my hometown of Yamaguchi prefecture!!


Even though it may seem like I’m propping it up,
I was enveloped in all the kindness and love
from all the fans


Sheesh! It’s a trueー joy!!
Thank you so much!!!!


During the first show today I announced it,


I, Michishige Sayumi,
at the final day of this year’s Morning Musume。 fall tour, am graduating from Morning Musume。.



I’m sorry for surprising you with such a sudden announcement…


I talked about it on stage too but,


About two years ago when I became leader, since then I’ve said, “I’ve become leader of my beloved Morning Musume。. I want to return the favor to the Morning Musume。 that has done so much for me.”
That repayment, I said it would be, “I want to have lots of people know about Morning Musume。…”


And in that, we’ve taken 5 consecutive 1st places with our singles,
and stood in Budokan for a normal tour too.
But this, it wasn’t by my strength alone, little by little… I feel like I’ve been able to pay it back.



Since about two years ago I’ve taken consideration my graduation,
and with last years fall tour last in Budokan, when Reina graduated, and when we finished the first tour since I had become the only older member,
With this timing I felt, I’ve really come to rely on my juniors.
And well…it was comforting.



And, I’ve discussed it with Tsunku-san and the company, and with the timing of this year’s fall tour, they are having me graduate.



But, there’s still time left, I want to share and show my juniors more and more, that’s how I feel.


And, I feel like I want to make lots of memories with all the fans too.


And with today’s Yamaguchi performance I’ve left another precious memory!!


2014/4/29, The day I announced my graduation at the concert in my hometown of Yamaguchi prefecture


Sayumi won’t ever forget this day today!!



When making my graduation announcement,
I could tell that all the fans were doing their best to hear Sayumi’s talk,
I was very happy.


“I want to announce it at my hometown.” I was determined too, It was strong in Sayumi.


For my own life, it was a precious announcement so,
Of course I wanted to announce it in Yamaguchi, where I was born and raised.
And, I wanted take my first step in a new direction from here too.


That’s right. From today it was a new start inside myself!
I think for sure, starting tomorrow there will be tension…and pressure… too but…
I felt like everyone’s here so I can do my best, like I could go out today earnestly.
Thanks to everyone Sayumi has gotten strong.
Thank you.



And, from here, I feel like it’ll be real repayment!


Doing all that Sayumi can do,
I feel that I want to make Morning Musume。 even cooler, and pass the torch to the next generation.


No matter what, everyone, please let us support each other until the fall!!


2014/4/30 00:15 (GREE)

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