Good Eveningーー!



Today, it was a snapshot and handshake event in Shiodome!


my 3 shot
snapshot event partner was…



Suzuki Kanon-chan (≧∇≦)



These three two shots pictures with Suzuki,
are pictures from the Gokigenyou♪ time♪♪♪



Suzuki’s smile is shining〜
Especially in the second shot!



Today too, being with everyone, having fun taking snapshots at snapshot event
and getting to talk with everyone at the handshake event made me happy(●´ー`●)



mmHmm, it made me happy!!



Tomorrow, and the day after is!
Morning Musume。’14 concerts in Nakano Sun Plaza!


For Golden Week, I get to meet with lots of all of you so it makes me happy



Each and every one is precious that’s why



Let’s have fun(≧∇≦)(≧∇≦)(≧∇≦)



Well, Sayumi from here will have her face in a book!


But I need to sleep soon huh (^_−)−☆


2014/5/4 23:20 (GREE)

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