Sendai’s broadcast of 『AraAra Kashiko』 [tl: My oh my over there] has aired!



Are there people who have seen ittー?!




The on-location was reaaally fun ( *´艸`)



Listening to the stories of people in the streets,
it was pretty kinda heartbreaking though ・゜゜・(/□\*)・゜゜・



Sayumi, is a bit shy? maybeー.



But! Sayumi like this also
had warm interactions with everyone in Sendai, thank you all so much!



With this on-location, I’ve come to like Sendai even more too (ノ∇〃 )



The meat was super yummy too



Well today, we’re coming to Gunma prefecture!


Concerts I’ll do my best〜
2014/5/10 12:49 (GREE)

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