UpGir Mori Saki Will Carry On 「Michishige-isms」




The impact of Michishige Sayumi’s Graduation Announcement. This news didn’t just shock fans, but it’s the same for the connect Idols in Hello!Pro as well.


This time, bragging that she’s a 「Michishige Oshi」, we heard the story about the Michishige Graduation from Up Up Girls(Kari)(Here on: UpGir) member Mori Saki.




―When you hear about Mori-san, you always appeal to people with your 「Michishige Oshi」 but, what are your honest thoughts of this graduation?


Mori Saki
I heard about it when were on tour in Kyushu but, the moment I heard the announcement I cried out! When it comes to members of Morning Musume。 I like, with this one all of them will be gone… I thought about it sadly. For me, Morning Musume。 was Michishige-san, of course now I love Kudou Haruka-chan and Fukumura Mizuki-chan who I was together with in Hello!Pro Eggs but, I feel like 「My Morning Musume。」 has ended.


―What are some of your memories with Michishige-san?


Mori Saki
I got to appear together with her when Morning Musume。 did their play 「Fashionable」, at the time I was a Hello!Pro Trainee and they greated us! Together with the trainees, S/mileage’s Fukuda Kanon-chan, former Morning Musume。 Tanaka Reina-san, and Michishige-san, they talked about how I was 「A young lady?」… At the time, I had long black hair, I looked prim and proper that’s why (lol). Since then, backstage and at the office, when we meet, she’d talk with me!


―And that Michishige-san is graduating from Morning Musume。.


Mori Saki
For me, I love Morning Musume。’s Michishige-san but, I love 「The person, Michishige Sayumi-san」 too so, even if she graduates, I’m naturally, gonna keep her as my Oshi!


―In what ways do you like her?


Mori Saki
On variety shows and stuff, she brings out her poison tongue character so, at first I thought Michishige-san was a scary person. But, getting to talk with her closely, she is really kind, I was taken in by the gap!


―Do you think the graduation is too soon?


Mori Saki
As a fan it makes me lonely but, Michishige-san said she wants to entrust Morning Musume。 to her juniors so, I feel like it might be a good time for that too. Just, I wanted to see Michishige-san as leader appearing on Kouhaku [tl: the New Year’s Red and White festival]!


―For Mori-san, just what kind of being is Michishige Sayumi?


Mori Saki
It’s 「The・Idol」! She’s really cute, has good style, her voice is cute, pink matches her…even in her private side, she feels like she’s an Idol! Kinda and cute, as a human it’s an aspiration!


(From the neighboring staff) When it comes to how much you look into mirrors, you look into the mirror tens of times every day, about the same as Michishige.


―Even in that way, you’ll be carrying on in Michishige-isms right?


Mori Saki
In that way, I might not carry on 「Michishige-isms」 (lol). From here on too, I want to take in Morning Musume。’s Michishige-san, and Michishige-san after her graduation as well, in all kind of ways!


(Original Article: http://news.dwango.jp/?itemid=7130)

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