Energetic Energetic



Good Job Everyoneー



Today was a really fun day (≧∇≦)



Well, it was fulfilling(≧∇≦)



I’ll do my best tomorrow too〜



The pics are, with Maーchan!



The range, so cloーーーーーse lol



Yup yup! Today you know.
For lunch
at the company office
I ate half a maguro avocado bowl and
half a mentai cream pasta〜♪



A passing staff member said



“Michishige, how are you?





(Seeing Sayumi eating her food) Ah,





You’re energetic huh (lol)”



they said that to me! lol



a bowl and pasta, it’s carbohydrate heavenーーーー★


For sure, if I wasn’t energetic, it might have been able to take on the challenge of that combination?



Sayumi is energetic!



Tomorrow and the day after, and the day after that


I gotta do my best energeticallyーーーーーー!


2014/5/21 00:29 (GREE)

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