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With three pictures, I’m gonna talk about stuff♪♪♪



The first shot!
Furuta Arata-san and Morning Musume。’14 starring together for the first time in a CM,
It’s from the 『Kore Ichi Meigen Yarou〜 Zenryoku Yasai Musume。/Fuchiko-san』
[tl: This is Number One, Meigen Yarou~ Full Power Vegetable Musume。/Fuchiko-san] Vol. shoot!


It’s a This is Number One poーーーse!?


The CMs,
from 6/7(Sat) they’ll begin airring in sequence nation-wide!!!!



Have you seen them?



The second shot!
It’s a picture from when I got to appear live on 『Hirunandesu』〜!
The outfit from the time was reallーy cute( *´艸`)
Hirunandesu, it was funー♪



The third shot!


It’s Morning Musume。’14’s Photobook, Michishige Camera’13-’14、currently on saleー!


2014/6/9 19:14 (GREE)

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