Good Afternoon!


☆An Announcement☆


Michishige Sayumi’s First! Personal Book
is being released on Sayumi’s 25th birthday, 7/13!!!!




I’m super looking forward to it (*≧▽≦)


You might get to see almost all of Sayumi!?


The interviews and stuff for the personal book too, how many hours did we take?
It was from morning to evening!
I just kept talking the whoーle time♪
In the middle, when my mouth starting not functioning well I got breaks(lol)


And then, the shoots,
the cute outfits!


Sayumi’s make-up methods and stuff.
and hair too you know (^_-)


The title is 『Sayu』 ( *´艸`)


For 7/13, we’ll be doing the birthday bus tour too but,
it seems you’ll get to buy it there too!☆



The first picture is,
Sayumi checking the pictures!


The second shot is, from when I went strawberry picking for a shoot!


The third shot is, The tart Sayumi decorated at a shoot!


I don’t really have a sense for it〜!lol


2014/6/11 13:08 (GREE)

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