Frequent Broadcasts!





Good Evening!!


I’ll put up pictures
of preーttyー recent Sayumiーー★★★



The third shot is a picture from quite some time ago but,
It’s short hair me♪♪♪


Isn’t it refreshiーーng\(^o^)/?★




And here, an announcement!!!!



They’ll be rebroadcasting from April’s General TV broadcast, the
「Morning Musume。 55 Special!」!!!


This time, the rebroadcast is scheduled for NHKBS Premium ( *´艸`)


Waーi! Yayー!!! Thank you so much!



「Morning Musume。 55 Special!」 Frequently broadcasting


<The 1st Night・Revised>


<The 2nd Night・Revised>



※The general TV broadcast will be split into 2 parts and broadcast over 2 weeks.



It seems they’ll be putting in different clips from the one broadcasted in April♪


By all means please watch o(^-‘o)♪☆(o^-^)o〜♪












2014/6/16 19:31 (GREE)

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