Sign Pen???

2014-07-05 22:56:47


Good Eveningーーー.


Today was rehearsals音譜音譜音譜


My hair ended up all BosaBosa ruffled (lol)



I melon I ate recently黄色い花


Huh? Did I already post up this melon picture?



My memoryyyあせるあせるあせる



This melon was yummy[みんな:01]




Big sis-chan went



“Melon, with it’s Sign Pen, felt marker flavor is really yummy huhドキドキドキドキドキドキ



that’s what she said.



Sayumi went,



“Eh? A sign pen???”



I asked, and Sis-chan went



“Mmhmm, that has the fattest sign pen flavorー,”



she kept saying it,




when I said, “No no no, what’s with this sign pen flavor stuffーーー!”




“No no no, it doesー! Sayu-chan you don’t get it!?
I think there’s a lot of people who get that feeling for sureーーー!!!!”



that’s what Sis-chan said but…




Are there people who can feel the same about this sign pen flavor thing!?キラキラ



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