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I have a bat piercing and a ribbon piercing onEmojiEmoji

















♡I won the raffle for the September LIVEーヽ(≧▽≦)ノ
Again, I plan to go with my Mama♪ Should I bring popcorn( ^ω^ )? lol



Wah, I’m happy you get to comeee‼︎


Please just bring your popcorn like popping feelings when you come with your Mama (*^^*)♥︎


♡What do you think about Kuduu?



Inside her husky voice is a small older man heh




♡I’m facing my current dream (An athlete) and doing my best but, as it’s going now it’s quite harsh making my dream come true.
I feel like if I get support from Gakisan I can do my best. Will you give me your support?




Of course‼︎
Do your best kayyyy(*^^*)/



♡Looking back again, how were these past 2 years for Gakisan?


It was 2 years with a lot of learning I think.
I had all kinds of plays, each of them different…
it was really fulfilling(*^^*)



♡I like muscular people but, Gakisan do you have a shape you like in guys?


Not too thin, not too overweight…
I think a normal state is best.
healthy feeling (*^^*)/


It’s fine if they’re not muscular heh



♡Gakisan♡your skin is always so PurpPuru soft, I’m really jealous! What do I eat to get cute skin like Gakisan???



Oh my
I’m happy you said that
I wonder what I’m eating.
Drink banana juice with okara in it…
eat fruits? Maybe?





♡I get to go to Disneyland and Disneysea in July ヽ(≧▽≦)ノ
Do you have recommended attractions for each(*゚▽゚*)?




That’s righttt
For land, it’s Splash♥︎
For sea, Toy Story Mania!
You should totally have fun!



♡Gakisan, do you have a sashimi you like?
Please tell us what fish you like






♡I saw the countdown LIVE Blu-ray!
I watched it while my 3 year old nephew danced with a pea green penlight ヽ(≧▽≦)ノ lol
If, there’s an even that small kids can participate in, is it okay if I bring him along?



That makes me happy.
Of course that’s fineEmojiEmoji
I’m waiting for you both



♡Risachan what is a 『number』 you like? Please give your reason too.






For no particular reason I feel it’s my lucky number♥︎
Well, there’s some connection to 8(*^^*)


like I was born at 8:08Emoji



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