Earlier I upped a pic of “Onna ga medatte naze ikenai”‘s jacket picture
but I kinda suck at it and you can’t see part of the picture (>_<) When I checked it myself on my cell and PC, I couldn't see it well either (*_*) Sorry about that m(_ _)m


I guess you won’t be able to see my Sayumin cuteness after all (lol)
But I’ll be sure to fix it tomorrow ♪
So please be sure to come back tomorrow ya? ε=ε=┏( ・_・)┛♪


To make up for it…
I’ve upped a pic of the new costume for the new song ☆
It’s again me taking a pic of myself…


Actually since I’m fixing the jacket pic tomorrow,
I’m actually kinda glad cuz it lets me upload a pic of myself (lol)


You all feel the same way right? (lol)


Sorry for the downward stare at you guys..


But when I was taking the pic, the camera was tilted up towards me
But it’s not really any different than usual… o(`▽´)o


This pic is from the H!P New Years concert (^O^)


Do my bangs…
look good?
Just got them done
They were recently cut


I’m pretty worried whether or not people will like it… (;_;)


What do you guys think?

6 thoughts on “Sorry

  1. Thanks for translating these!

  2. Thanks for translating Sayu’s blog ! <3 She's so cute !!!

  3. I AM GREATEFUL… for your translations of this, thnx

  4. Thanks for taking on the job of translating Sayu’s blog!
    I have a feeling she might give you quite a workout if the way she treated the Ojigi blog is any indication! :P

  5. please sayumi dont change your hairstyle! its so cuute!! you look like enma ai from jigoku shoujo!!

  6. I really appreciate this translation.
    w( _ _ )w thank you very much~~~~~

    Sayumin is shooooooo~ cuteee :>

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