Happy Morning ♪

Good morning!!!!


Everyone, everyone
thank you so much for reading my blog


I’m so happy I’ve gotten so many comments (^O^)


I’m so happy because up til now I’ve never had a chance
to get everyone’s input on things in real time like this (≧∇≦)♪
Especially since I’m the type of person that really cares about what other people think…


I bought a laptop around last fall!!


A very cute pink one ☆


Nice dontcha think? ♪☆


I was on my laptop last night reading everyones comments o(^-^)o
It was so fun! (^_^)v


I thought about responding to a few myself
but my resolution for this year is to really “think things through before acting”…
Because I mean if I were to offend anyone, my manager would get mad
and probably make me quit this blog (>_<)


I mean, I don’t wanna get scolded (∋_∈)


This is only the beginning though, and I’ll slowly work on keeping my resolution
and keep my awesomeness to myself \(^ー^)/


I was able to sleep so well with feelings of gratitude ♪


Ever since I started my blog, every day has been so funnnn
…well.. it’s only been 1 day though (・_・;)


But blogging really is fun ♪


The amount of time I spent on the PC now is more than ever before ♪
I feel like I want to marry it now ~ O(≧∇≦)o
* she literally makes a joke about having an arranged marriage with her laptop o/


♪♪ Congratulations ♪♪


It’s only morning, but I’m in high spirits (lol)


Real happiness (*^o^*)


I hope all of you have a terrific day as well (*^o^*)♪♪♪♪

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  1. “This is only the beginning though, and I’ll slowly work on keeping my resolution
    and keep my awesomeness to myself \(^ー^)/”

    AHahahahahahah Sayumin! I love her.

    Thanks a lot Hyakupa! :D

  2. I think Sayu’s blog is more interesting than most other idols. They usually just post about food and celebrities they’ve met. Not very interesting to a western fan who doesn’t know the food or all the celebrities. Sayu, on the other hand, mostly posts about herself, which fits better with her narcissistic image anyway.

  3. Hey dude… awesome news that this girl has a blog, my dream is to talk to her.. and is getting closer and closer yay!

    but i tried to register in the website GREE, but it’s impossible! there is this fucking text field
    also says au、DoCoMo、SoftBankの携帯メールアドレスを入力してください。ドメイン指定受信を設定されている方は「gree.jp」を受信できるように設定してください。

    when i input something wrong, it says (in red, error-ish letters)

    I believe i have to have an email account in DoCoMo , or smth.. it’d be a nice idea that you tell me please!! i want to post comments so effing BAD!!!!

  4. @felipe vilches
    A lot of blogging sites, like Mixi require you to have a japanese cell phone email address. Which really sucks for us foreigners : It really restricts what you can do on many japanese websites, so I’m sure GREE is the same, they require you to have a cell-phone email address :

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