Please listen

Hey hey… will you listen to me?
Well I bet you’re probably thinking “no” now


Well if that’s the case, this is more like a “listen up!” story (¬з¬)..


I really want you to listen, so let me do that over


Hey hey, listen up!


Recently I fell down 3 days in a row (>_<)


They allll happened at places with nothing nearby


They were alllll intense
They were alllll painful
They alllll left scars


And on the 3rd day, some blood even came out…
I was wearing tights on that day, and they got torn up (ρ_;)
It looks kinda like a rocker style now (-.-;)
The pic here are my rock style tights ☆

And above all, it happened when I was by myself, so that was pretty embarrassing…
The emotional scars left behind from the embarrassment may have been greater
than the physical scars left behind from the fall (lol)


I hope I can recover soon – both physically and mentally (>_<)


Ah! But ♪ Something nice happened too ♪


When I fell, there was a lady passing by at the same time
who helped me get back up on my feet
She was so kind ♪
Just from that I think my emotional scars have healed a bit ♪(*^o^*)


Thank you very much !!!!o(^-^)o

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