I just might cry

The post title is the title of Morning Musume’s single
“Onna ga medatte naze ikenai”‘s coupling song.


I reaaaaally realllly love this song ♪
First of all… for the melody
the intro just has a sparkling feeling to it…
It just makes your heart throb \(☆o☆)/


And for the lyrics… the title “I just might cry”
feels like a girl thats on the verge of something heartbreakingly painful


It’s like when you keep thinking of that important someone,
you keep fussing and fussing over it, but you can’t help it
at night, you’re waiting and waiting for that person to come
but in the end, the morning comes (>_<)


Thinking about that someone who has a significant other
constantly waiting, going through sleepless nights
imagining those things is quite painful (>_<)(>_<)


Well I did something similar with my blog actually
I was thinking too much about it
and I couldn’t sleep last night at all (^_^;)


But tonight I should be able to fall fast asleep, I’ll be fine ♪


Despite staying up late last night, I still woke up early (^o^)/
I woke up thinking “I wanna blog!!!!” (^∀^)ノ
I have completely and utterly fallen in love with blogging ♪


Now, having started this blog, I just might cry
Oh man… every time I sing that song, it’ll be full of these emotions
I’ll replace “that person” with “that blog”, and so I’ll sing with my blog in mind ♪


That’s how strong this song is “I just might cry”
Everyone, please please listen to it! (b^ー°)♪


The 2nd pic here is me without any make-up at all (>Σ<)


After this, the make-up artist is gonna make me cute
so in the meanwhile, I’m letting my skin rest (‘o‘)ノ


And so, it’s quite late in the day already
and I need to be heading off to work ε=ε=┏( ・_・)┛


’til I blog again ♪♪

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